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Improve your finances

You can control your finances to avoid being fleeced like a turkey. Owning a low-cost diversified portfolio will help you fulfill your material and life objectives.

Strive in a hostile environment

Financial charlatans are targeting the uninformed to enrich themselves (life insurance Ponzi schemers. and state authorities will tax you or flood the markets with liquidity and keep rates low, impoverishing those who stay out of the stock market.

Use the best approach and tools

Basic finance understanding, solid tools and institutions will help you avoid these traps. The main principles are long-term asset allocation, sound diversification and reasonable cost control. In practice, good investment tools (platform and vehicles) will allow you to reach these objectives.

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Personal Finance

Spending behavior is highly personal, so you will not find a lecture but some guidance on the biggest cost drivers


Find out how to to invest in the long-run in a diversified way on the basis of sound principles and practice

Wealth Purpose

This questionnaire will give you insights on the practical and philosophical questions around your relation with money

About Guide Finances

In the face of false promises to get rich, the guidance on this site will help you to avoid some glaring pitfalls and put your finances on solid ground.

Two main contributors are currently writing the articles: David shares his knowledge in the field of investment and portfolio management while Julia deals with the more psychological aspects and personal finance.

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The contributors

The contributors share the following attributes:

  • They are committed to help the users in their personal finance
  • They are convinced by und use the limited number of products recommended*
  • They have industry experience (mostly banking), have academic (economics, finance) and industry credentials
  • They have successfully applied the investment principles presented

*Note: The Vanguard Advisory Services are reserved for US residents, but sufficient secondary evidence could be gathered to include it in the shortlist