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The oasis and palm trees symbolize the financial objectives and visions they will allow you to fulfill. These are highly individual, but some components are shared by many of us.

  1. During your working life, you will be able to control your finances to avoid being fleeced like a turkey, own corporate stock rather than being a victim of Wall Street, and achieve the material happiness you seek;
  2. When you retire, you will have enough diversified sources of income to live freely and have the resources to obtain the best possible care and medical services not covered by the public minimum;
  3. Your wealth will allow you to exclude longevity risk (when your resources do not cover your expenses) with a sufficient margin of safety, and eventually leave an inheritance or enjoy your wealth with new generations.

Goals, insights and threats

In order to reach your goals in the face of the dangers, the lighthouse represents the solid guidance and its content that will allow you to reach your objectives above: The main principles are good long-term asset allocation and management, sound diversification and reasonable cost control. In practice, good investment tools (platform and vehicles) will allow you to reach these objectives. The principles and practical guidance are the main content of the website and of the weekly updates. The resulting financial education will be your shield against the various forms of sharks and Leviathan.

The ocean represents the markets, which give you access to investments. However, there are threats that populate or border these waters:

  • Sharks are the ill-intentioned professionals who will enrich themselves at your expense by offering life insurance or products with distressing commissions; even worse, Ponzi schemers will try to enroll you in programs that will ruin you while others run away with your money. Solid (long-established) and trusted institutions (that offer good value for money) will help you avoid these death traps;
  • The sea monster symbolizes the Leviathan, the creature embodying the omnipotence of state authorities: governments, who by cowardice impoverish future generations by not immediately reforming unsustainable pension systems; or tax authorities who take commissions in various ways (income, capital gains) and finally, central banks who flood the markets with liquidity and keep rates low, impoverishing those who stay out of the stock market

Advantages of diversified ETFs

  1. Better average performance than active management over the long term;
  2. Fees on index funds are generally lower and more transparent than on active funds;
  3. Superior diversification since the passive investing cover the whole index;
  4. Transparency and simplicity.

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